Spider Colt, Favorite Brawler, Pets, Brawl Theory & MORE! | 500K Subscriber Q&A!

14 jūn 2020
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You Asked and I Answered! Spider Colt, Pets, and More! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to answer some of your most popular questions in celebration of reaching 500k Subscribers on LVworldr! We'll talk about Brawl Theory, favorite brawlers, suggested mechanics I want in Brawl Stars, and MORE! We're at half a million subscribers and I'm incredibly thankful for everyone's support!
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    • Mans got 70,000 subs in two months

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    • Hi Kairos, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask Supercell to give the option when opening brawl boxes to choose the Gadget or Star Power? I still need some crucial gadgets for certain brawlers before the next wave of randomly attaining gadgets/ star power…

      Hoang MaiHoang MaiPirms 6 Mēnešiem
    • Congrats on 500k subs and I use your code every single time 😁😁 #KairosForever

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    • #kairosforever

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    • Kairos on tier list V20 Gold S Tier should be four points.

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  • Ar u use code lex

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  • #Kairosforever

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  • when is your birthday?

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  • “K-k-I-r-o-s”

    themanpersondudthemanpersondudPirms 18 dienām
  • Hello!

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  • "Pathos Time must be a pretty emotional guy" I genuinely thought that it was Ethos for emotions

    Daniel PatrickDaniel PatrickPirms Mēneša
  • #kairos forever

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  • I understand now from where the code Kairos came from!

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  • Can we have kid reveal if you already have post the link to the video

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  • #kairosforever 1 Million Subscribers Baby 🤩🥳😆

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  • #KairosForever!!!!

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  • I got a lyrics for code Kairos song so we if you like it There was once a man who used code Kairos in the brawl stars shop. Opened up a mega box and got 3 brawlers in it. I know what you are thinking. How did he got so much luck? (Because of...... K-A-I-R-O-S code Kairos in the brawl stars shop.) *2 Yooo. Like the comment if you liked it.

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  • #kairosforeverthankyouguyssomuchforwatchingthankyouforallthesupportimtoolazytotypetherestlol

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  • They deserve more

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  • welp you are a time traveler you want to tell us something in the future kiaros

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  • #kairostimeforever

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  • Hey kairos can you make a video with your kids?

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  • Greetings from Greece🤗 (Nice joke)

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  • Once I first watched two vids I subbed

    EMILY LIEMILY LIPirms 3 Mēnešiem

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  • ik you play aov cuz i seen your apps kt!! dont lie :D

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  • For both of you: How did you guys play Brawl Stars and how did you see it?

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  • No reason, 1 like on this hug=1 free hug.

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  • #kairos forever

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  • Kairos: Bea is so cute! Kairos’ baby daughter: *Allow me to introduce myself* Btw never forget, Kairos to the end #KAIROSFOREVER

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  • Or her

    Alex WuAlex WuPirms 5 Mēnešiem
  • I thought it goes never ask a man his salary never ask a woman her age never ask a kid his crush

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  • The greek joke was nuts

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    • Yep

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  • #Kairos4Ever

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  • how many trophies does Lady Kairos have?

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  • #KairosForever

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    • U are replying to your own comment

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    • Mee toooo

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  • #KairosForever

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  • I didnt know you watched anime :o whats your favorite that you've watched?

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  • #kairosforever

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  • Congrats! You are my favorite Brawl Stars youtuber and i always use your code in the shop. Keep up the great work

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  • its anoyng

  • #kairosforever

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  • Can u teach me how to roleler skate

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  • #kairosForever

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  • I wish this could go on forever

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  • I miss Lady kairos

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  • #kairos forever

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  • #kairosforever

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  • They have kids?

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  • Yeah! Someone who has Frank as their fav brawler.

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  • #KairosForever

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  • Absolutely loved you two doing duet on the shop theme song!

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  • Wait u Greek I am and like no one else is lol

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  • When I put English on the video it said “hello filler rollers I’m cursed I’m”

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  • Let’s get 1 mil

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  • Hello filler rollers I’m cursed oh no, RUN LADY KAIROS!

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  • My favorite is tick

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  • #kairos forever

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  • Wait what

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  • 5:18 this is happy bear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LVworld Dark Theme:Like LVworld White Theme:Comment

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  • OJ’s background is lit 🔥

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  • #CodeKairosForever #K-A-I-R-O-ScodeKairosInTheBrawlStarsShop The second hashtag is messed up😬

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  • #kairosforever

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  • Kairos: #kairosforever Subtitles: #carrotsforever

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  • #KairosForever

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  • Twoja żona jest głupia

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  • Ta twoja żona jest głupia

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  • #kairosforever :)

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  • okay. not going to lie, i watch your videos a lot but instead of subbing i would just search for them. BUT for some reason now that i’ve seen you w your wife (didn’t know u even had one) i have subscribed. you won me over. love the vibezzz xx

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  • You deserve more followers man

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  • You look like you have a good friendship with that girl. Hope you marry her one day .

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    • That is his wife

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  • #kairos forever

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  • How did you make those pins from the thumbnail

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  • #kairosforever

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  • Halfway to that SWEET SWEET GOLDEN PLAY BUTTON also K-A-I-R-O-S Code kairos in the Brawl Star’s Shop❤️❤️❤️

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  • I was more into the max gameplay

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  • #kairosforever.

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  • #kairosFOREVER ❤️:)

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  • I don't know what is your kid how old is your kids

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  • Kairos Pls give a Leon giveaway I have same bad luck as you for Leon

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  • #kairosforever

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  • Thank you for the share of the best things I've ever seen in the past 2 months and years of experience

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  • Thank you so much for your kind help with the interview process

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  • #kairosforever I remember last time we used this :)

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  • What about Kratos Time?

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  • I used code Kairos and finally got Pam and other 4 mythics (Sprout, Genie & Tara). Must use code K-A-I-R-O-S in the brawl stars shop!

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